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Racoma Residence

Davao, Mindanao

The owner immediately contacted us after checking our FB customer reviews and rating because he had a bad and sub-standard installation experience previously. They looked for a different dealer and requested to install a Daikin unit to his house. We did a diagnosis of the previous model's trouble and ensured that QuickServe installer team is well-trained, and we are using a quality standard material.

" I started researching best AC by considering long term solution and power consumption benefits - Daikin was the best choice."
Why Did You Choose Daikin?

​Knowing about Daikin and its good point since all AC units are Daikin in his workplace. Previously their house was using Window type so started researching best AC considering long term solution and power consumption benefit. Some brand didn’t meet requirement and concluded Daikin was the best choice.

How Did You Find Daikin?


Why Did You Choose the Dealer?

Due to the bad experience with different dealer, looking for different dealer who has better service. Received Quickserve Promo on FB and confirmed good staff service in the shop by visiting the showroom

How Did You Find Dealer?

At first researched in Authorized dealer locater in Daikin official website. At that time Quickserve was not on the dealer list yet but he saw the FB post of promo discount, visited showroom to confirm the promo, eventually decided to purchase.

Comment after installation for Daikin & Dealer

After started using Daikin, realized air distribution is better than window type. From Quickserve, could see professionalism, installation material was genuine, installation quality was trustworthy. Overall service is excellent. Good response from the Quickserve staff in Davao and good recommendation by installer, even he gave suggestion on the previous units that has problem. Since the owner have renovation plan, willing to buy extra units from Quickserve.


Client Name

Home Owner

Equipment Name & Installed Unit Number

FTKM-TVM 3.0 HP × 1 Unit




PDF Download

Please print it in A4 size and use it in as a proposal material for customers

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