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Motor Ace Philippines Inc.

Davao, Mindanao

The owner called to ask for a quotation for all the Daikin models in their mind and asked us about the difference of each where we proposed to the owner and area manager the Floor standing model to cover all over the wide space of the room. Given that we have a limited time for the installation, we were able to manage to complete the work within a week.

“They serve and install quickly just like their company name and the best part is that their staff are very approachable, friendly and responds immediately.”
Why Did You Choose Daikin?

Because of the brand. Daikin was already famous among the area, already got a lot of good feedback after having Daikin products. Easy to understand, easy to use.

How Did You Find Daikin?

Other Motor Ace branches recommended to buy Daikin AC units.

Why Did You Choose the Dealer?

Quick Serve already served some of our branches, and they have good feedback about their all over service. So, Motor Ace haven't had any difficulties on deciding which dealer to contact when looking for an AC unit and we could tell that Quick Serve can indeed give quick response and their staff are well knowledgeable.

How Did You Find Dealer?

Referral. Other branches already experienced their service was recommended by the manager. 4 branches of Motor Ace, including here, had already served by Quick Serve. Also checked on FB. FB rating is more reliable and convincing to see its reliability. Actually more branches plan to have AC from Quick Serve.

Comment after installation for Daikin & Dealer

Through referral of our other branches that has been serviced by Quick Serve. They serve and install quickly just like their company name and the best part is that their work is good and neat too. Staff are very approachable, friendly and responds immediately. They also offer free cleaning once a year. I really appreciate their service.


Client Name

Business Owner

Equipment Name & Installed Unit Number

FVRN-AXVL 4.0 HP × 2 Units
FTN-AXVL9 2.5 HP × 1 Unit


Commercial Space


PDF Download

Please print it in A4 size and use it in as a proposal material for customers

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