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Dolorical Residence

Davao, Mindanao

Customer requested quotation of Air conditioning units for his new house. We then offered him Air conditioning units that we think will fit to their requirement by referring to the dimensions of the given floor plan. We originally offered Ceiling Cassette and Wall Mounted air con for them. Unfortunately, after inspection we found out that the Cassette installation will be difficult. In terms of drainage positioning, we immediately revised our proposal into other type of Air con such as Floor Mounted and they appreciate our recommendation.

"Quick Serve is highly recommended- quick service is promising and being professional among all staff."
Why Did You Choose Daikin?

Owner had bad experience in other brand, so he looked for Daikin since Japanese product has trust, durability, and efficiency. There is an experience that made the owner decide to choose Daikin, there is an aircon dealer from other brands near his house and found out that they were using Daikin instead of their own brand product. It is convincing enough to tell that Daikin product is a good brand for all aircon dealers.

How Did You Find Daikin?

Owner was doing his research on Facebook and web. Was able to reach 3 Aircon dealers where 2 was a Daikin dealer.

Why Did You Choose the Dealer?

After finding Quick Serve on Facebook, owner decided to make a visit
on the showroom. At the beginning, there was only a technician on the
shop but was able to explain well and gave him recommendations right
away. Quick Serve sent a quotation to him via Messenger with the best
discount, so he ended up purchasing the unit immediately on the next
day. Quickserve also offered inspection so he felt that this dealer
provides very good customer care and services. During inspection,
Quick Serve technician shared condensers were too far from the indoor
unit; calculated excess piping then suggested 2HP instead of 1HP or
1.5HP with the proper product accomodation. The owner felt honesty
and proffesionalism from the staff of Quick Serve.

How Did You Find Dealer?

Found Quick Serve on Facebook.

Comment after installation for Daikin & Dealer

Quick Serve is highly recommended. Everybody had bad experience of
service in Philippines, so aftersales and maintenance is the important
point. Even if the product is good, if aftersales is bad, it becomes bad. In
that point, quick service is promising, and being professional among all


Client Name

Home Owner

Equipment Name & Installed Unit Number

FVA-AMVM 5.0 HP 1 Unit
FTKQ-TVM 2.0 HP × 1 Unit
FTKQ-TVM 1.5 HP × 2 Units
FTKQ-TVM 1.0 HP × 1 Unit





PDF Download

Please print it in A4 size and use it in as a proposal material for customers

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